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Las Vegas Tips and Tricks 2021

Updated: July 2, 2021

Are you planning a trip to Vegas? Here are the 2021 Las Vegas tips and tricks on hotels, casinos, shows, nightclubs, restaurants, attractions, tours and more.

Vegas tips

Vegas hotels charge more on Fridays and Saturdays

Hotels in Vegas are more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays. This applies to all hotels located on the Strip, off-Strip and downtown. Hotels are much cheaper from Sunday through Thursday. If your travel schedule is flexible and your stay in Vegas is less than a week, plan ahead to avoid increased hotel charges on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, hotels charge more when Vegas is hosting trade shows, expos, conferences and conventions.

Vegas Strip casinos require higher table minimums

This tip is for low rollers and new players of table games. Low minimum tables are pretty common in downtown Vegas casinos and off-Strip properties. Casinos on the Strip generally require much higher minimum bets for table games although some of them still offer $5 blackjack table minimums especially on a slow day. For those who are interested in more details about table limits, we have put together a list of casinos with low table minimums for a low roller on a budget.

Join customer loyalty programs at Vegas casinos

Casinos in Vegas have either loyalty club programs or player’s club programs. Both of them are customer loyalty programs. When you go to a casino resort, ask the front desk if you can use one of the club membership cards you already have. If you don’t have one, just go to the club service counter in the casino and the staff will be more than happy to print a new membership card for you right away. When you have enough points in your account, you can get perks, free meals, cheaper show tickets and even complimentary rooms from the casino.

Drinks are free in Vegas casinos 24 hours a day

Vegas casinos offer free drinks while you are gambling. That service is available 24 hours a day. As long as you are playing a table game or dropping money into a slot machine, the servers will come to you and offer you free booze. Don’t forget to tip the people who serve you though. Those who work in the casinos rely on tips for a living. The tipping etiquette for free drinks is supposed to be a one-dollar tip for beer or wine and two dollars for cocktails.

Vegas club promoters can help you save on cover charges

Vegas nightclubs are not free. Cover charges are required at nightclub entrances. To save this cost and avoid long lines at the entrance, you can contact one of the nightclub promoters and get on their guest list. Plan your evening with our expert reviews of the best nightclubs in Vegas. Our reviews have been updated for 2021 to provide you with the most up-to-date information about nightclubs and nightlife in Vegas.

Walking the entire length of the Vegas Strip takes time

The Las Vegas Strip runs from Russell Road at the south end all the way to Sahara Avenue at the north end. Russell Road is 1,000 feet (300 meters) north of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign” and just south of Mandalay Bay. Sahara Avenue is just north of Sahara Las Vegas hotel. The Strip is 4.2 miles (6.8km) long. This distance shouldn’t be too long if you drive. However, it will take more than an hour if you walk the entire length of the Strip.

Vegas helicopter tours are thrilling and enjoyable

Vegas has far more to offer than simply casinos and shows. There are a lot of things to do in the city. One of the most thrilling things to do is joining a helicopter tour. You will enjoy breathtaking views of Vegas in a helicopter. There are several helicopter tour companies providing guided tours in Vegas and nearby areas: Maverick Helicopters, Papillon Helicopters and Skyline Helicopter Tours.

Celine Dion will be back to Vegas with a new show

Celine Dion has a huge number of fans. She was one of the top money earners in Vegas before she ended her Caesars Palace residency a couple of years ago. It has been officially confirmed that Celine Dion will be back to Vegas in November 2021. Her new concert residency will be at Resorts World Las Vegas. The tickets of the Celine Dion show are available now. Read this post to learn more about the show. We have also included a bit of history about Celine Dion’s previous concert residency at Caesars Palace.

Live fashion shows are free at Fashion Show Las Vegas

Fashion Show Las Vegas is a shopping mall on the Strip. It’s very close to Wynn, Encore, Palazzo and Treasure Island. Live fashion shows are available to visitors free of charge near the Apple store in the mall on Saturdays and Sundays. With 8 anchor tenants, 250 stores, over a dozen restaurants, free parking and a unique exterior, the Fashion Show mall is a great place to visit. Read this article for a list of Fashion Show mall stores.